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Safety light

Safety light
Signal lamp LED fixed light of remarkable luminous intensity of long duration (20,000 hours).
Can be used individually, in pairs or in “tower light” formation in the three colors Green, Yellow, Red.
Its luminous intensity allows the operator to immediately identify the operating conditions of the machine, guaranteeing high visibility in the daytime.
Applications: Heavy vehicles, trucks, industrial vehicles and contruction vehicles.
Costumizzed applications: Customized in light or heavy aluminum box, on stainless steel frame etc.

Luminous lux 500 lm, low power cosumption
Fix light Green/Amber/Red
Housing steel
IP 68
Dimensions Ø 80 mm x 87 mm h
Wide Voltage 12-80 Vdc
Power draw 800 mA a 12Vdc
Leds 8 x high performance 3W Leds , 500 lm
Lens Polycarbonate
Temperature -30°C a + 55°C

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